We conduct computational and theoretical research of nanoscale and soft matter particulate systems.

What do we study?

  • Systems: nanoparticles, colloids, polymers, granulates, molecules, atoms
  • Applications: material structure, properties, phase diagram, rheology, photonics

What are our tools?

  • Simulation: molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, force fields, coarse-graining
  • Statistical Physics: self-assembly, active matter, topological defects
  • Crystallography: structure solution, quasicrystals, group theory
  • Data Science: order parameters, high-throughput, visualization
  • Machine Learning: optimization, design, artificial intelligence

Research Topics

Recent experimental collaborations. From small to large (see arrows): TbF3 nanoplate, Pd@Au nanocube, DNA-modified Au bipyramids, PS colloids, hyperuniform network, 3D-printed robots. Contact us to add your system!