Author: Michael Engel

Cover article in ACS Nano

Our joint work with Nicolas Vogel and Erdmann Spiecker advanced the understanding of the structure, defect accumulation and thermodynamics of colloidal clusters on and off magic numbers and was awarded this month’s cover for ACS Nano. Congratulations Junwei and Chrameh!

Group hike near Muggendorf

Some pictures from the 2019 group hike to several caves near Muggendorf in the Franconian Switzerland.

Fractional crystallization of hard spheres

Fractional crystallization is crystal formation out of chemical mixtures or solutions. In this process, the growing crystal typically has a different composition than the fluid. This makes fractional crystallization an important method for separating or purifying substances based on differences

We have moved

After two years of construction and several more years of planning, the new Interdisciplinary Center for Nanostructured Films (IZNF) is now ready for research groups. Our group moved in today! The new lab is in the heart of the Technical

Poster award for Nydia

Congratulations to Nydia Varela for the first prize in the annual MAP poster contest with a poster on effect of polydispersity on structure formation!

Exp-Ana-Sim collaboration on magic clusters

In a joint collaboration combining experiment (synthesis and self-assembly), analysis (electron microscopy including tomography), and simulation (molecular dynamics and free energy calculations), a team from FAU involving Junwei Wang and Chrameh Mbah reported magic number colloidal clusters: “Clusters in systems

Milestone paper

A paper involving Michael Engel with coauthors Joshua Anderson and Sharon Glotzer from University of Michigan, Masaharu Isobe from Nagoya Institute of Technology, Etienne Bernard then from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Werner Krauth from École Normale Supérieure has been

Summer of conferences

Several members of the lab traveled to present and promote their newest research results at conferences throughout Germany: Praveen Bommineni, Chrameh Fru Mbah, Marco Klement, Junwei Wang, Nydia Varela presented posters and Alberto Leonardi, Michael Engel presented talks at the “Particle-Based Materials Symposium” (PBM) at

Controlling nanocrystal shapes

In a recent ACS Nano publication, Alberto Leonardi proposes an etching synthesis method for controlling the shape of core-shell nanocrystals: “The application of nanocrystals as heterogeneous catalysts and plasmonic nanoparticles requires fine control of their shape and chemical composition. A

MSS excursion 2018

The MSS Institute organized a trip to Fränkische Schweiz that consisted of a canoe/kayak ride down the river Wiesent from Wiesental and a short hike up the hill where we had a beautiful view and lunch under a big Tilia